Officer Duties

All FCCLA Officers

  • Be cooperative and dependable

  • Understand and communicate the mission and purposes of FCCLA

  • Be respectful and open-minded

  • Attend and participate in all chapter meetings

  • Be organized and on time

  • Follow through with the responsibilities of the elected office


  • Work with Advisor to develop an agenda for each meeting

  • Preside over chapter meetings

  • Keep meetings lively and organized

  • Create committees as needed

  • Work cooperatively with other officers, members and committees chairs and ensure responsibilities are followed through

  • Know the duties of all officers and committees and delegate accordingly

  • Start meetings on time

  • Represent the chapter in a responsible and professional manner

  • Attend all chapter meetings and state conference in April

  • Keep up-to-date on local, state, and national updates (

First Vice President

  • Assume president’s responsibilities in president’s absence

  • Assist President as needed

  • Help keep meetings organized

  • Work with other VPs and committees to carry out projects, responsibilities


  • Keep accurate financial records

  • Prepare a treasurer’s report for each business meeting

  • Assist in collecting dues and any other transactions

  • Sign purchase orders to be submitted to school business office

  • Work with fundraising

Vice President of Membership

  • Assist the treasurer in collecting chapter dues

  • Keep an updated spreadsheet of members including contact information/email addresses

  • Work with chapter officers to develop membership campaign

  • Recruit new members

  • Distribute locker signs, membership cards, and t-shirts to dues paying members

  • Work with chapter adviser to complete membership forms

  • Encourage individual members to apply for awards and complete appropriate chapter award applications

  • Meet local, state and national membership deadlines

Vice President of Community Service

  • Promote chapter community service projects

  • Coordinate committee chairs of varies community service projects

  • Organize and supervise community service-related projects

  • Contact other organizations who might assist the organization in achieving our project goals

  • Become familiar with state and national FCCLA Outreach projects (

Vice President of Public Relations and/or Chapter History

  • Gather information for Press Releases

  • Write Press Releases and submit them in a timely manner (with adviser’s approval)

  • Take photos at events

  • Record information of events

  • Keep FCCLA bulletin boards up-to-date

  • Send adviser items to post on the school website

  • Make announcements

  • Compile yearly activities, photos, and program of work in a end of the year slideshow

Vice President of STAR Events

  • Be familiar with STAR events

  • Organize member involvement in STAR events

  • Recruit members to participate in STAR events

  • Keep chapter members informed of updated STAR Event information

  • Assist chapter adviser in completing STAR events forms and packets by the local, state and national deadlines

  • Attend the state FCCLA meeting in the spring

Vice President of National Programs

  • Be familiar with the FCCLA National programs

  • Educate members on the various national program

  • Encourage members to participate in the program of work

  • Assist chapter in meeting national program requirements

  • Complete award applications and submit by the required due date

  • Notify members of individual program awards and scholarships


  • Keep meeting minutes

  • Keep attendance records

  • Remind officers of unfinished business

  • Work with VP of Public Relations